porn doodle!

a merman for moth keeng


Both of these witches are available as prints in my Society6 shop. And they are both still available as cute Halloween cards, too!

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It’s been quiet around here in terms of Dr. Sketchy's business, but here I am with an exciting announcement!

TOMORROW Blick Art Materials is hosting us across 4 stores in NYC! At the Bond street location, our models will be putting on Victorian music hall, while the Brooklyn store turns into the seaside at Coney Island. At 6th ave. and 20th street, we’ll be kicking our 1920s heels up, and the SoHo location will be chock full of sparkling showgirls! 

The sessions are short and sweet (and cheap!), and you get a magnificent Blick swag bag! Book your ticket here!


Oh my! This looks amazing!





I’m not sure what’s going on but I like it.

now this is a dionysian rumpus worth attending

ATTENTION:  These were performers from Vienna’s Life Ball 2014 “Die Garten Der Lüst” and they were fucking INCREDIBLE.  I was there! :D

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Another wonderful Uncle Monty’s Mollyhouse picture from Russ Kuhner, 2012.

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it’s me being a victorian hottentot!

Piers, personal jockey/bf to Lord Corrington

some bummer


kissing practice!  AND saturated colours pracitice!  It’s a typical Hanif Kureishi couple!  God bless that man.

reeeeaaaally excited to watch My Beautiful Laundrette tonight, it’s been too long.

reblogging for daywalkers because I’m proud of my saturation.

some flamboyant hand doodle, Luis Canezares style

awweeoo-killer-tofu asked: Ahhh yay! I'll be sure to check it out (so much congratulations on your marriage!). I think that I and others identified so much with MLiB because we could see ourselves in there at least a little. And that's huge when you feel a little alone in the world. I could do with some queer mafia vengeance in my life, so I can't wait for that. ❤

I can’t wait either!  We’re being very good with this one and finishing a whole 30 page issue before starting to post it online, so there’s won’t be breaks when life gets busy and we can’t complete a page.  It’s agony. I’m so impatient for it to get seen.  But it’s on the way.  M’colleague is doing the inside art, and I’m doing covers and some extra time-jump/sex scenes/DVD extras.

And thank you!!! We just hit our 5 year anniversary last week! 

scarf mannnn

kissing practice!  AND saturated colours pracitice!  It’s a typical Hanif Kureishi couple!  God bless that man.


I am *quite* tipsy on free cocktails from attractive waiters in bow ties, and trying to start a fight with my friend Max through the trans-dimension of photography.  I mean who does he think he is.  *fist and cocktail battle stance*

Update: don’t worry, my mate Max and I are fine.

awweeoo-killer-tofu asked: Your name suddenly popped into my head as I was falling asleep, and I'm so happy I found you on here. I started reading MLiB about ten years ago (24 year old me thanks you for making 13 year old me realize that being queer isn't the end of the world) and stopped when the comic did. You haven't aged (HOW) and your art still makes me sigh longingly because it's just so lovely. I can't wait to see more of what you've been creating.

OH my Gosshhhhhh!  Thank you so much!  I love it when we rediscover each other!  This is the best thing I could possibly hear about MLiB… it’s not perfect, and it’s certainly the work of a young person still figuring himself out, but I’m so glad other people enjoyed it as you did.  I certainly enjoyed making it.

Just in case you don’t know… M’colleague and I did another comic called Baritarian Boy  which is about our idyllic Slavic homeland.

…And we are about to embark on a new project called Bash Back, which will be a cathartic ultra-violent mafia story of queer revenge.

I’d love to know what you think of it (once it’s finally posted of course.)