Super secret sneak peek at new Dr. Sketchy’s flyer mascots by me!  :D :D

A little slideshow of our 3 first events at Dr. Sketchy’s!

Ororo doodle

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I must say I can’t recognize what role anyone is playing. Maybe that’s a good thing.

LMAO at the “STREX CORP” on the breasts :D :D 

What you are missing here is that Cecil actually made recordings to introduce parts of the show since he couldn’t be there to attend.  He is a great guy!

Really, you don’t recognise an Eternal Scout when you see one?  Come now.


Johnny Panic photographed by Adrian Buckmaster, styled by Lewd Alfred Douglas. Please do not remove artist credit when reblogging

Styling beautiful and talented men as wood nymphs for a genius photographer - can this be my job forever?



I may have gone overboard with the pallets but whatever


I’m doing this because why not!!!!!!

Just a doodle of my Bajoran male sex worker.

He specializes in frustrated Cardassian ex-officials. 

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queer representation isnt queer representation if its some easter egg to be revealed by a creator so they could pat themselves on the back 

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"We’re strippers. I’m not ashamed of being a stripper. Gypsy Rose Lee was called a stripper; it’s not a bad word. It’s where modern-day striptease started. It’s the same thing, it’s just a different kind of styling, and maybe there were a little more theatrics involved, a little more glamour." - Dita Von Teese


After years of cultivating relationships with women who work as strippers; whether burlesque or pole dancers, I am still annoyed by the difference in stereotypes, expectations, and treatment of these women. 

When referring to burlesque, I have noticed many men or women who admire it, or even do it, are awfully quick to point out they are not strippers. They are quick to point out they do not take everything off, that burlesque is an art form, that it is done for fun, that it is classy. Not anything like the dirty strippers who dance on *gasp* a pole!

The hypocrisy and hierarchal based belief, only works to divide women and stigmatize pole dancers.

The only difference between strippers (pole dancers) and burlesque dancers is that burlesque dancers are well-off enough to call their strip shows a “hobby.”

It is rooted in class. For rich women, burlesque can be an escape: an opportunity to objectify their bodies on their own terms, as they see fit. The way it should be. But for them, that is a privilege. For many minority women who turn to stripping, it isn’t a choice made in search of womanist empowerment. It’s an economic necessity. For those women, stripping is a way to leverage the only commodifiable asset they have, whether through lack of opportunity or education, in order to make money; their bodies. They do not always have the luxury of “their own terms” because their financial needs sometimes require them to sidestep their standards of dignity.

And that is not to say that strippers are all poor, broken women, reduced to taking their clothes off for money. That isn’t true. There are women who genuinely enjoy stripping, and have parlayed the fame they gained into larger business ventures. Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese, for example.

But that doesn’t change the fact that most women don’t dream of becoming strippers, largely because of the negative connotations attached to the profession. For these women, work every weekend and work long shifts in high heels that would put the fear of god into any and every woman who has struggled to walk in a simple pair of heels, many of whom are harassed and degraded and have at some point, at work been sexually assaulted by men? The women who put their mental/physical health, safety and body image on the line?

They are ridiculed. They are the butt of every joke. They are treated as the scum of the earth. They are called dirty and disgusting. 

Burlesque is not wrong. Working as a pole dancer is not wrong.

All strippers deserve respect.

"The only difference between strippers (pole dancers) and burlesque dancers is that burlesque dancers are well-off enough to call their strip shows a “hobby.” "

Um….I’m not well off. At all. I am a classic burlesque strip-tease dancer. And this is definitely not a hobby. And I would like to say that most of the women that I dance with, at an international level and local level, are also calling this a job, are definitely not making enough money to be “well-off” by any standard, and don’t call it a hobby, either.

People assume that burlesque pays well, and you’d be kidding yourself. The standard rate of pay around the nation seems to be about $50 an act right now. Even if you book two or three shows in a night, the average, pretty talented performer might make $200-$400 TOTAL for all three shows, if they are lucky. Most are only hauling home about $100 and even less if they have to take a cab.

All striptease is struggling right now.

I understand what you’re trying to say, but Dita is an anomaly. She is one of maybe 2 performers making a livable wage of their shows alone (taking away teaching, costuming, etc.)

I love all strippers and consider myself one. Hence my blog name:)

Xx-Sydni Deveraux
The 2013 Reigning Princess of Burlesque (through the burlesque hall of fame)

The reason why burlesque (on the whole) pays so badly is because so many dancers consider it a hobby and are willing to perform for nothing. These are related issues - so many people who do burlesque do it because they can afford to work for so little. It’s wrong. And it makes things a bit more difficult for burlesque dancers who do rely on their talent to survive.
My 2p on this very important conversation - burlesque, stripping, and sex work all have a shared history, and we owe nothing but respect and support to each other.

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The many stages of Ludwig II at Vienna Boylesque Festival and LIFE BALL!

I didn’t perform as Ludwig, but I came out for curtain call (there were so many lederhousen wearing peasants there!!!!) and walked the red carpet to Life Ball as him, with Princess Peach (Matt Knife) sometimes on my arm!

Pictures from the official festival photographer, and Matt’s hubby Cubby, who took that AMAZING blue and pink photo inside Rathaus!


The opening act of both nights at the Boylesque Festival Vienna, with myself, Jacques Patriaque, Mitzi May, and Matt Knife!  I was lucky enough to have a different beautiful man to kiss each night, and a Conchita Wurst to hang out with backstage!  MAGIC!

Pictures from the official festival photographer, Matt’s hubby Cubby, and this wonderful flickr user!  My fabulous mini tricorn hat by Thy Matriarch!


Photos by Don Spiro from our wonderful Marx Brothers themed Dr. Sketchy’s with Doctor Princess Lady Scoutington as Chico, Jonny Porkpie as Groucho, Tigger! as Harpo, Lewd Alfred Douglas as Zeppo, and our wonderful hostess Kat Mon Dieu as the young starlet Marilyn Monroe in Love Happy. It was such a fun session, and so great to be a part of Marxfest!

Join the Dr. Sketchy’s facebook group to see more photos and find out about our next event on June 15th! 





Looking to learn more and meet awesome queer folks? We’ve created the world’s longest list of queer conferences! They’re conveniently separated into “Trans* Youth-Focused Conferences”, “Trans* Conferences”, “Queer Youth-Focused Conferences”, and “Queer Conferences”. You can see them here.

Mmmm conferences!

We will be at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference this year! There are a lot of other awesome conferences out there to look into, though!

I will also be at Philly Trans Health Conference performing at BLENDER!

Update:  Due to a conflicting gig, I am no longer going to be performing at Blender!  ;_____;

It breaks my heart, because it was AMAZING last year.  So I encourage everyone to attend this great conference and show!