I’ve done a porn sketch.  First in a while! I really do need to get back in the habit!

albymangroves asked: Your Fisherman/Merman comic is just fantastic. Thank you for sharing! <3

Thank YOU! That comic is a real hardcore fantasy for me. So it’s nice to hear other people enjoy it too. :D


TONIGHT! Tremble and weep in the presence of these DRAMA QUEENS! Comedy, Tragedy, and Nudity will ensue at the Parkside Lounge with a strict curtain time of 8 this evening, for a mere $10 ticket fee. 

Dramatis Personae: Fem Appeal, Mara Wilson, Mary Cyn (cynfactory), Fancy Feast (artifuss), Poison Ivory, and Lewd Alfred Douglas (cryptoscience)

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Early character concept for another Family member for the Bash Back comic.  Shoshone.  War Vet.  Two-Spirit.  Amputee.  General badass.

(need to redesign those legs - weight should be supported toward the back, not the front. Knives and heels stay, tho.)

At Dr. Sketchy’s last night - living out a lifelong dream of being in the court of Elagabalus!

Wonderful performance artist Zoob as Elagabalus, and me as his chariot-driver husband, Hierocles!


I am so, so proud of the Dr. Sketchy’s session we put together yesterday! Emperor Heliogabalus is one of the patron saints of my and my husband’s lives, and to put together an event in his honor was a decadent Fellini dream come true. We couldn’t have cast more perfect, gorgeous, or fun models than Iris Explosion, Zelma and Eckszooberante - they completely embodied the characters of the ridiculous Emperor, his domineering mother and his charming Vestal Virgin wife. 

Special thanks to Kat Mon Dieu for hosting as Venus, Anja Keister for the phenomenal Satyricon-like make-up on our models, and our sweet photographer Cliffton. This one will keep me happy for a long while to come!

Follow us on the official Dr. Sketchy’s NYC group to keep up with more events like this one - we’ve got something very special coming up in September and October!

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I am so excited about our next Dr. Sketchy’s session!! My hands are covered in burns and my apartment is covered in peacock feathers and rose petals, so mark your calendars - you won’t want to miss this one!

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Going on holiday to the country in a few hours.

Going to finish the first issue of a Bash Back comic.

There I said it.

I finished it, guys!  Now it’s over to my colleague to draw the thing….


IRL I know this amazing doctor who prescribes his insured patients with more meds than they actually need (in such a way that it doesn’t cost them any more than it usually would), then covers the labels and gives the extra bottles (not sells them - gives them) to elderly LGBT folks who can’t afford them.

He was helping a friend of mine this way (up until my friend passed away from his chronic illness) and is a true American hero. (he’s originally Russian btw)  I wanted to put someone like this into the comic, because LGBT folks who especially need medical treatment that is probably not covered by their insurance even if they are insured (elderly, ill, trans, etc) need a hero like this.

Our fictional version is a foxy redheaded lady who sends meds and HRT stuff via bicycle to hostel kids, etc.

Going on holiday to the country in a few hours.

Going to finish the first issue of a Bash Back comic.

There I said it.

Yes, “Robin Hood Pharmacist” is a character description in the comic I’m working on right now. Sadly, Americans will know exactly what this means.

Whoops Motorcity style character sketch for super secret upcoming project!

I’m not even doing the visuals for this (maybe coloring and covers) but I am writing it, so I’m having fun with cartoony character concept sketches. 

Super secret sneak peek at new Dr. Sketchy’s flyer mascots by me!  :D :D

A little slideshow of our 3 first events at Dr. Sketchy’s!

Ororo doodle