I didn’t get to shoot a lot of the show, but here are a handful of performance shots from last weeks Nerdlesque Festival at Webster Hall.

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"The last rites of many a Victorian gentleman involved a discreet fire at the bottom of the garden." - The Sexual History of London, C. Arnold.

Incriminating letters, bawdy house menus, or lewd drawings one might hide behind a velvet curtain in one’s study served as the fuel for such fires. Join us for Dr. Sketchy’s triumphant return and let our delectable models

Johnny Panic
Minx Arcana
Fan Cy Feast

inspire you to draw some naughty art of your own in the hot-house atmosphere of a Victorian brothel. Hosted by the marvelous Suffra Gent.

You can look forward to lovely sartorial contest prizes from and Claire Sanders Designs! 

Session runs from 4-7 pm. Please bring your own art supplies. 
There will be both short (2-5 minute) and long (10-15 minute) poses. No photography allowed (it frightens the horses).

Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street
New York, New York 10014

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. 

We are only TWO WEEKS AWAY! Have you reserved a spot yet?

nd please, join the Dr. Sketchy’s group on facebook to keep abreast of our future events! Lewd Alfred Douglas and I are cooking up some delicious sessions in the months to come!

Deep Space 15: A Star Trek RPG ›

This is a SEX POSITIVE QUEER FRIENDLY game everyone. Let’s have fun.



Feeling herself.

I don’t tire of Johnny Panic.

No one does, dude… no one does.

allvirgo asked: I have to ask how tall you are then; you always look tall and elegant in your boylesque photos!

I’m 5’7” 

Which I think is about average for a Human Being(tm), but short for a white American male.  There is so much pressure on men to be tall in order to be successful, I definitely feel small.  Wish I didn’t.  :/  

gamagori-senpai-noticed-me asked: Will you be posting pictures from Nudethulu after it is done? :)

I haven’t seen any pictures surface yet, but if I do I will post them!  The show was excellent.

YES My efforts of dressing up to the opera have finally paid off!

Thank you, Rose Callahan, (and my shorter husband) for making me look so tall!

I am wearing a Victorian tie from Darcy Clothing, a vintage waistcoat from Episode in Camden Town, and a “Pushkin” style jacket (with that strange but wonderful half-Mandarin-half-Western lapel). 


If you are interested in seeing sexy fellas in person I can’t recommend the NY Boylesque festival enough. It’s quite a show, this will be my 3rd year attending!

April 26th in NYC.
Photos of my own and from here.

Gene Kennish took this great picture from my Beast act from Sharkbite Sideshow!


Join us for an evening of cosmic horror, tentacles and striptease! For our third Lovecraft show, we are excited to bring you a great mix of the classic horror writer’s works with a dose of debauchery.

Hosted by Iris Explosion the show will include performances by:
Anja Keister
Taylor Sweet
Tiger Bay
with D20 Burlesque debuts from
Heather Whatever
Nyx Nocturne 
and Kat Mon Dieu
plus a special duet by Lewd Alfred Douglas and Suffragent! 

All this plus deadly dancing from our go-go flapper Astoria Grey, audience games, raffles and DJ Gothic Hangman will keep your toes and tentacles a tapping during the show.

21+ event with 2 drink min. and special terrifyingly themed cocktails from the mad mixologists at The Parkside Lounge!
$15 VIP presale tickets available til March 20th
$10 General admission presale tickets available til March 20th
$15 general admission at the door 

Donning your 1920’s finest strongly encouraged!

My stupid face and bodyyyyyyyy

Last night I was a sagely advise-giver.  I promise it won’t happen again.

princerosebun asked: you can publish that if you want, and I've been told I can't do it more because of my gender issues and not being born male. But you give me faith and you give me the strength. Thank you

Well that’s a bunch of bullshit right there.  

Here are some amazing people who I have joined on a burlesque stage at some point or another… these people aren’t just doing burlesque, they are POWERFUL in the scene.  They are amazing performers and they are in high demand.  And I bet you 100% of them have heard exactly what you have heard.  That they shouldn’t do it because they weren’t the right shape, identity, colour, age, type, etc.

(and yes I really selfishly threw myself in there too.)

The amazing thing about burlesque (and here I’m speaking as a viewer, not a performer) is that a person with an unconventional beauty has the power to completely change the way I think about that beauty.  A talented burlesque dancer can make me realise I am attracted to something that I’d never considered before.  They have the power to pull away the restraints of that ever dictated ‘conventional beauty’ and make us see clearly.

(pictured:  Sir Willy Waterlily, Brooklyn Irons, Matt Knife, Matt Fraser, Lewd Alfred Douglas, Miss Rose Wood, Fancy Feast)


My Ludwig II costume in progress! <3

Rev logging myself.

Oh my LORD I am humbled and inspired to be performing alongside so many of my boylesque heroes in the NY Boylesque Festival Main Event.

The first year of this incredible festival, I was a rapt member of the audience, not yet performing with much confidence, and thinking “Next year I want to be part of this.” When that second year came, I found myself in the Friday night show, with some of my burlesque brothers, and some incredible out of town and international artists. This year I am simply awestruck by the company I’m keeping again. 

This is not just my going from an entranced audience member to a performer. This is me, going from someone who had to prove himself, and argue every day for his legitimacy as a man and as a human being - to finding a place where I am celebrated for my male identity on stage.

The 15 year old boy who was kicked out of the men’s room at his own liberal high school could not have imagined he would be here today.

Thank you, burlesque. Thank you, amazing community.  I am so incredibly proud to be (I think) the first openly trans boylesque performer in this festival.  


Another reason to come to The Legend Begins! The Friday Night Premiere show…Lewd Alfred Douglas!

Lewd Alfred started performing burlesque at small theatres and nightclubs in London. Since moving to New York he has performed with the Rhinestone Follies, Anachronism at Webster Hall, Gemini & Scorpio, D20 BurlesqueEPIC WIN BurlesqueInternational Steampunk CityDorian’s Parlor, The Geeky Kink Event, Man: A Tease!, and the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. He is creative director of Uncle Monty’s Mollyhouse, a lovingly recreated Victorian Bordello.
Every act he has designed has been a study of a certain era’s expression of beauty, sexuality, or gender. He hopes to always present an experience which is unexpectedly relatable, and hopefully enlightening.

Tickets here!
— with Lewd Alfred Douglas at Highline Ballroom.

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